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Aw thanks Hunter!

Im getting really nervous about giving it to them though..What if they think Im some creepy fan or something? ..I don't know. I just really hope they like it....

Hunter Clark:
They'll love it!

Well I sure hope you're right Hunter! I need to get this shit done though! Im so close I can taste it but I still feel like I have a lot to do...

Anyway..if anyone cares, their Fleetwood Mac cover of "Gypsy" is absolutely spectacular...I've had it on repeat all day. It's simply beautiful...

--- Quote ---For “Gypsy,” the California-based quintet strips down the classic song before dousing it in a dreamy, electronic haze. For Adam Rasmussen, his love for Fleetwood Mac extends back to his childhood and has continued ever since.

“When I was really young (probably five or six… the age where you insist on wearing costumes in public on non-holidays), my mother gave me one of her most cherished cassette tapes… Rumors, by Fleetwood Mac," he recalls. "I felt an immediate connection with this band, even at such a young age. When we were approached to record a version of ‘Gypsy’ for the compilation we were all for it, as most of the guys in the band have an intimate connection with the music of Fleetwood Mac. It’s sensitive and timeless. It was a beautiful experience. We’re really thankful for this opportunity.“
--- End quote ---

Yesterday was simply amazing. I gave my drawing to Chris from Gardens & Villa and it went pretty well. He hugged me when I first even walked up to him and didn't even introduce myself. He was super nice and just kept telling me how sweet I am and kept hugging me. I told him that I thought it was awesome Dusty gave me the drumsticks at the first show I went to and that was why I did the drawing. He said that it really means a lot to him and it gives him and the rest of the band strength. We talked a bit about their new songs and he said they have seven new ones and they plan to have a new album out by next spring. It's just been really hard for them to get in the studio with all the touring going on. He gushed about how they've been hanging out with Future Islands backstage and he also complimented the shirt I was wearing which was really nice of him. Lol I also told him I was actually really nervous to give him the drawing and didn't want to come off as creepy or anything. He laughed and gave me another hug and was just like "Nooo! This means so much. It really does. You are just so sweet" He's just a super sweet guy and you guys, Im serious, go see them if they tour near you!!!

So the best part about all of this is soon as we got done talking he went backstage, took a photo of it, and posted it to instagram. He TAGGED ME IN THE PHOTO with my instagram account......which I never told him about...and thanked me for it. Im wondering if he recognized me or something (I do like pretty much all their photos on there) but it was just the best feeling in the world. I just fucking love these guys so much.

So not only did they play a couple new ones yesterday, they also played Gypsy!!!!!
Omg I was soooo excited when I realized and tried to record it as soon as I could. The video really doesn't do it justice because it picks up the people talking behind me but what I do love about that is they all eventually shut up because they get entranced by the G&V vibes...

Here are some photos and more videos:

This is the new one I captured a little bit of last weekend..just a little more of the song.

Yeah theyr'e uhmazing. I wanna play flute with him one day haha.

Also bb's arms looking beeef


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