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I finally saw MGMT live for the first time, met Andrew, gave him and the band a chocolate blunt...not sure if they smoked it though...

But I was disappointed to not hear Metanoia, as it's currently my favourite "epic" MGMT song.

I asked if they were planning to do another, but as awkward as Andrew is, he kind of just mumbled, "I'm not sure what that means"

I asked about the third album too, and all he said was that it's self titled, and he kind of laughed and smirked when I asked who the producer would be.

Very very awkward man, that Andrew character...

"we're playing later gonna come?"
"um...yes...i've heard of your band...i've just heard some things about this band MGMT"
"what? what have you heard?"
"im just joking"
"oh...thanks for the blunt"

he sounds like he was a very polite gentleman!
you know, saying thank you and asking if you were coming..
i think both songs are so different, but i like Siberian Breaks the best
because well, it is from the now, and i think that i'll always like to be on the same page as a band i'm following
even if i love their old stuff.
so not really the best but i love it, and that is not always the case with a band's new music ya know?
well, see ya..

Cool Kitten No. 2:
well if you got to at least see siberian breaks live, then lucky for you

What is the name of the blunt wraps you used to roll the weed up?

Shoulda gave him some E bombs instead..

Siberian is so so much better than Metanoia..


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