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well, here is a new song i did... i hope you like it.

oh!  here is also backing tracks for a Heart cover i did.  What About Love.
it's just a little tidbit but you may enjoy, i hope.

well hello again!

well, here is a video if any of you want to see some footage of my version of What About Love at Love Power in Minneapolis... Electronic Potluck!  was so fun, i was really nervous but everyone was really embracing o fme and my little set up.  So many cool musicians performed that night and it was fun to walk around and look at everyone's gear.  "Ooh, I have that too!  What's that?"  So anyways.

well, couple things i guess. first,
this is a weird time for me since last year when i was very sad.  so while i am very happy that lots of things are happening, i will always think of my friend Skylark.

especially when i listen to songs like this, which!  i will be DJing Monday night at Nick and Eddie in the warehouse space behind the actual venue.  for my birfday!!

also!  check out this cool flyer ya i'm gonna be doing FLEETWOOD MAC covers oh my gosh i am so excited!!  that's me littlefoot!

oh, and of course

METANOIA will be played for my birthday dj set, duhhhhhhh
Evident Utensil
Who's That Brooooooooo o o o o wn!
and also, for sure.  this.

oh and this.  yeah i love this song.

hee hee


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