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i know i'm clutterin up things but not many people post here so..... whattttttevaaaaaa?

here is where i will post from now on things from shows here in MPPPPPLS and things i think are really super.
that way i don't create many threads, like i am doing now.

this is a tidbit from my Heart cover set at the Arbor Haus for my friend jess's b-day.

this is Obchod playing the same show, they are awesome.

10 dollar Black Sabbath tats at xxxusa for Black Sabbathon


more soothing almonds, and their bloggg.
we played a show on saturday at xxxusa and it was just divine... we will be playing again on the 6th of January
Larry Wish and friends, and me, Littlefoot :) 
here is the blog.

here is a video of my friend's dog Ozark and his love affair with a panda bear.

oh yeah and this one that makes me laugh super hard.

i remember reading somewhere that andrew was at an Ariel Pink show
and so i thought maybe membas here would enjoy Velvet Davenport, a great local band with some pals of mine!
They also did some stuff with Ariel Pink?  i dunno, i don't remember now but... yes, i think that's right.

also!, i'll be featured on the cable access show Priority for anyone in the twin cities
it'll air saturday at 11 pm but it may also end up on Your Tube.
i think i might read a goth bedtime story.,.?=
 but also perform.

2morrow nite at xxxUSA: Larry Wish, Wizard Baby, JK Spec x4, and me Littlefoot!

gleb your bleb!

flier made by Lisa Luck
instore performance at Yeti Records    !!  (das me!!)


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