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--- Quote from: kerrigwen on October 18, 2009, 03:02:51 AM ---4/24: Forgive me bbs for not updating the header post with new print media  :-\ it's just wayyy too much to keep up with! :( Still, all new articles will be posted in this thread, and will be updating the second post with all the audio files, for those interested. :)


This thread is for collecting print/online articles & audio interviews; companion to the videos thread. 

***This post is (obviously) a work in progress.***
Big hugs and thank you! to all the MGMT fans (and sometimes indifferent non-fans) that are a part of creating it. :)

Special thanks to Gonia, of the MGMT Free Forum, + all the fans there for their awesomeness. :-*

There are interviews, reviews (good AND bad), only-very-slightly-related-to-the-band articles here, and yeah... a bit of a smorgusboard. Sorry. :-X

[Last upadated: 18 March 2012 @ 19:59 (GMT)]

Latest articles added:
March 22 - Billboard: MGMT Takes a Risk with 'Congratulations'
March 20 - NME: MGMT's Madcap Return (cover story)
February 27 -"We've Listened to 'Congratulations' (really good article/review, everyone should read it)

November 30 - Wesleyan Argus: (Opinion piece penned by Andrew) "All in Good Humor"

November 5 - Wesleyan Argus: "Duke Day Moves Indoors, but Still Rocks Out"

April 25 - Wesleyan argus: Live Music and Sunshine at Zonker Harris Day

April 14 - Wesleyan Argus: Weekly WesCeleb: The Management

December 30 - Crossfire: "MGMT Interview"

January 6 - Press Republican: "Local Musician to Appear on Letterman"
January 11 - Commercial Appeal: "MGMT Delivers a Unique Sound with a Broad Sense of Humor"
January 31 - "In the Heart of the Beast"
February 11 - You Ain't No Picasso: "An Interview with MGMT"
February 12 - "MGMT Interview" (posted on interviewer's blog)
February 22 - GuardianUK: "We Want to Scare the Squares"
March - Q Magazine: "MGMT|Psychedelic caped crusaders. From Brooklyn."
March - NME: "Ca$h City Rockers" + (pic)
March 7 - Venus Zine: "MGMT|Brooklyn duo gives us a 'bullshit' suggestion for this headline"
March 11 - Dazed Digital: "Ray Tintori and MGMT"
March 13 - "MGMT: Psychedelic Pop Experiments"
April 25 - The Skinny: "MGMT for Dummies"
April 27 - Rolling Stone: "MGMT: My Coachella"
April - Q Mag Coachella Review: Part One, Part Two
May - Clash Magazine: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.
May 25 - GuardianUK: "Save Me from Psychonauts"
May 31 - StereoWarning: "MGMT: Interview with Ben and Andrew"
June - The Fly: "MGMT|The Soundtrack to Your Summer" (turn the pages 'til you find the article)
June 7 - Commercial Appeal: "Under new MGMT: White Station High grad's group visits after sold-out tour in Europe"
June 7 - NME: "In A Field of their Own" - Part one, Part Two
June 9 - StrangerDance: "MGMT: Still a BFD Six Months after Bottom of the Hill"
June 17 - GuardianUK: Songs to Rock, Shock, and take Nurofen to"
June 25 - Nylon - "MGMT + Gucci"
June 27 - "Gucci Manages MGMT's Influence on Runway"
June 28 - GuardianUK: "Set the Controls"
June 29 - GuardianUK: "Glastonbury 2008: MGMT Tackle our 10 Glasto Questions
July 3 - NME: "MGMT Reveal Second Album Plans"
July 6 - NY Mag: "How MGMT Figured Out how to Earn their Buzz"
July 10 - PasteMagazine: "Gucci taps into MGMT for Spring threads"
July 18 - That Hottness: "The Interview: James Richardson of MGMT"
July 18 - East Village Boys: "MGMT Skills"
July 22 - Metro: "Moving Up from Middle, MGMT"
July 28 - BrightestYoungThings: "Interview: MGMT"
July - Express Night Out: "Royal Yucks: MGMT Loves to Wind Folks Up"
August - "MGMT Interview"
August 7 - BlackBook: "MGMT Live from Abbey Road"
August 13 - "Morrison hasonmások az első napon" (not sure what language, but y'all are more than welcome to offer translations bbs)
August 29 - BBC (!): "MGMT Interview" (+ audio interview)
September 25 - Austinist: "Austinist Interviews ACL: frontman Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT"
October 3 - "MGMT Shy from Stardom"
October 6 - Stereogum: "Beck & MGMT Play Covers & Originals in Chicago"
October 6 - "ACL Interviews: MGMT"
October 7 - CBC The Hour: "Beck and MGMT"
October 11 - "MGMT - Hip Hippies of Dancefloor"
October 22 - ShockHound: "MGMT: Business Unusual"
October 27 - RadarOnline: "MGMT: The Whole World's Favourite New Band"
October 30 - "Interview with: MGMT"
October 31 - Rolling Stone: "Hot Band Everyone wants to Be In: MGMT"
October - Wonderland Magazine: "MGMT", + scans: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.
November 5 - The Aquarian: "MGMT: The Source of all your Gossip"
November 6 - "MGMT, Ambassador, Dublin (4th November)"
November 19 - "MGMT - Interview - Part 1", Part 2
November 21 - The Independant: "MGMT: 'Rock stars? Not us'"
November 24 - "MGMT"
November 25 - FilterMag: "Filter's Top 10 Albums of 2008"
November 26 - "Meet MGMT, the Best New Band of the Year"
November 28 - SMH: "Global Takeover"
November 30 - "New York's Finest"
December - Uncut Mag: "In My Own Write: MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden"
December 1 - "MGMT - MGMT TLK"
December 3 - The Courier Mail: "MGMT Finds Success at the Click of a Button"
December 3 - Gigwise: The Worst Album Covers of 2008!
December 5 - The "Pop's New Wonder Boys"
December - "MGMT"
December? - GQ Mag: "Men of the Year" (check pg. 14)
December - NME: "MGMT" - page one, page two
December 6 - GuardianUK: MGMT's Time to Pretend is OMM's Track of the Year"
December - Time Out Sydney: "MGMT"
December 11 - The Courier Mail: "MGMT Fall Flat at Tivoli"
December 11 - NME: "MGMT beat Kings of Leon, Oasis and More to Album of the Year Prize"
December 12 - GuardianUK: "MGMT and Of Montreal to Collaborate on Side Project"
December 12 - "Live Review: MGMT, Melbourne"
December 15 - Huffington Post: ''Are MGMT Douchebags? Does It Matter?''
December 16 - "A Rational Conversation Between Two Adults: Campus Reaction to Wesleyan's Breakout Bands"
December 17 - File Under: "MGMT|Interview" (in Dutch, translation coming soonish)
December 23 - SPIN: "7 Best Dressed Musicians of 2008"
December 24 - Fayetteville Free Weeky: "The Set List: Best Albums of 2008 (laugh just looking at #8)

January 4 - Hot Press: "It's Party Time! MGMT Celebrate an Astonishing Year" (cover only :( - article coming soon, but in post form)
February 11 - TripWire: "MGMT Poses for Playboy in Rock the Rabbit Campaign"
February 20 - You Ain't No Picasso: "MGMT Sues French Gov't Over Use of Song"
March 5 - Gigwise: "MGMT: 'Song Dispute with French President Nicolas Sarkozy is Cool'"
April 22 - Triple J: "MGMT on their New Album and French Legal Battles"
May 14 - In the Mix: "MGMT Promise to Step it Up at Splendour 2009"
June 9 - NME: "Paul McCartney: 'I Want to Work with MGMT'"
June 10 - Arkansas Times: "Review: MGMT at The Village"
June 11 - Memphis Flyer: "MGMT Homecoming"
June 13 - Melophobe: "True Roo Part 2: Bonnaroo Saturday Report
June 14 - Rolling Stone: Bonnaroo wrap-up
June 14 - SPIN: "MGMT's Crowning Moment: Bonnaroo Headliners"
June 15 - Billboard: "Bonnaroo's Top Ten Moments"
June 17 - "BECK & Friends Form Music Club To Re-Record Entire Albums In One-Day Sessions, Post On-Line"
June - H & M Fashion Guide (lol): Page One, Page Two (spot the mistakes!)
June 29 - Pitchfork: "MGMT, Karen O Guest on Flaming Lips LP"
July 2 - SPIN: "MGMT - Live from Brooklyn!"
July 3 - New York Post: "This Band is Upper MGMT"
July 6 - We Love You So: "Exclusive Interview: Ray Tintori"
July 9 - Metromix Honolulu: "An Interview with MGMT"
July 10 - Star Bulletin - "MGMT Cool Sounds"
July 15 - Honolulu Weekly - "OMGMT!"
July 22 - "Gig Review: MGMT in Auckland"
July 24 - "Jay-Z Pulls MGMT into the Hip-Hop Game"
July 27 - "MGMT Live Review
August - Rolling Stone: "MGMT's California Dream: Duo Get Experimental on Second LP"
August 4 - The Village Voice: "The Wesleyan Mafia: MGMT, Boy Crisis, Amazing Baby"
August 27 - "Managing the Management"
September 4 - The "Electric Appeal"
September 10 - Hot Press: "The Kids are Alright" (bum, you can only read it if you're subscribed to the site. :( )
October 2 - Surfing Magazine: "A Moment Amoung [sic] The Famous"
October 11 - ShockHound: "MGMT: Future Reflections"
October 11 - San Francisco Examiner: "Pop Quiz: Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT"
October 15 - San Francisco Examiner: "MGMT Riding High for Treasure Island Gig"
October 16 - NME: "MGMT Take up Surfing while Recording Second Album"
November 8 - New York Magazine: "MGMT's Homecoming"
November 12 - "Playlist: MGMT's Goldwasser Walks You Through Killer Tracks" (+ podcast)
December 4 - Entertainment Weekly: "MGMT Singer talks Grammy Nominations ('I freaked out!'), New Album, and More"

January - NYLON: "Taking Care of Business"
Juanuary - VOGUE: "Already Famous"
January 12 - SPIN: "Q&A: MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden"
January 16 - NME: Page One, Page Two.
January 18 - NME: "MGMT: 'We're not releasing any singles from our new album'"
January 20 - GuardianUK: "The Bands Who Don't Miss a Single Thing"
January 25 - Gigwise: "MGMT's 'Congratulations' Inspired by Lady Gaga and Kanye West"
January 26 - "MGMT's Sophomore Record 'Set to Shock'"
February 27 -"We've Listened to 'Congratulations' (really good article/review, everyone should read it)
March 20 - NME: MGMT's Madcap Return
March 22 - MGMT Takes a Risk with 'Congratulations'
May 12 - AUX: "What We See Is What We Get - MGMT"
August 25 - Creativity Online: "Behind the Work: MGMT 'Congratulations' Video" - Interview with the Director
September 26 - Contact Music: "MGMT Forced to Change Style after Album Flop"
September 28 - NME: "We never intended to be a mainstream band"
September 28 - Pitchfork: "MGMT Respond To Piss Attack Allegations"
October 1 - NME: "MGMT promise to return to London soon after wrapping up UK tour"
October 8 - 20 Minutes: Interview with MGMT (in French, be warned!)
October 14 - The Vine "MGMT interview"
October 16 - NME: Review of Brixton Academy show
October 18 - FasterLouder: Pre-Future Music Festival Interview
October 21 - Tampa Bay Times: "MGMT Play Ruth Eckerd Hall"
October 26 - The Crimson White: "MGMT's Oracular Spectacular as a generational statement"
October 27 - The Bad Penny Blog: "MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser On New LP, Doing Laundry – And His Favorite Cover Of An MGMT Song"
October 28 - The Tampa Bay Times: "MGMT adds it's own groove to the pop scene"
November - Memphis Magazine: "The Music of Andrew VanWyngarden..."
November 1 - Spin: "10 Best Moments of Voodoo Music Experience"
November 8 - American Songwriter: "MGMT Reveals Third Album Title in Nashville"
November 10 - RTT News: "Fans To Choose Tracks For New Beck Release"
November 10 - Atlanta Music Guide - "Q&A with Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT at Moogfest in Asheville"
November 20 - Zurnal 24: "Sarkozy Is Two-Faced"
November 28 - Zurnal 24: "Another interview from Maribor"
December: Memphis Magazine: "In The Beginning"
December: Memphis Magazine: "The Future Is Now"
December 11 - Lifelounger: "Interview with MGMT"
December 17 - American Songwriter: "MGMT:It's Working"

January 4 - In The Mix: "MGMT: Not an electro band"
January 18 - Coup de Main: "Dear Andrew VanWyngarden, you have won me over..."
March 11 - SMH: "MGMT To Wow The Future Music Festival"
March 11 - Adelaide Now: "After the fall"
March 14 -Triple J: "A Poolside Chat with MGMT"
March 17 - 3 News: "MGMT's Special St.Patrick's Day memory"
March 17 - The Dominion Post: "Time to pretend"
March 26 - Power of Pop: "MGMT LIVE IN SINGAPORE"
March ? - Elle Davis: "MGMT Coming To Hong Kong" (audio interview)
April 24 - Coup de Main: "The Ten Commandments of MGMT"
April 28 - Memphis Flyer: "Homecoming"
May 1 - Hi Expat: "What Makes Brooklyn's MGMT tick"
May - Juice Magazine: "The Kid's Are Alright"
June 8 - Rock Edition: "Interview with Pete Kember of Spectrum"
July 29 - Pitchfork: "Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile [Ed: and MGMT members] on Japan Benefit Comp"
August 4 - Montery County Weekly: "Rock Star Son"

Unknown Date
Uncle Sally's (?) - MGMT: Erwarte das Unerwartete (in German) (translation into English available upon request, until I put it up in a file online somewhere sometime)
Matchbox - "MGMT Talks to Match box"

--- End quote ---

awesome.  8)

Posting so I get updates

^Where is the gif in your avatar from? I've been staring at it for a while now.

This is absolutely amazing.

Im not sure if I should be posting this here. Just let me know if it should be moved. Thanks!

Just saw this on Twitter. I can't watch the vid at work though  :-\


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