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--- Quote from: Bubble on August 26, 2011, 10:52:37 PM ---Oh yes, Sara introduced me to her music. Uni is great, i love her voice. And i love ukes so it's a perfect combination.  8)

--- End quote ---

I love all this sharing thing really. :)

She is lovely. I'll keep listening to her.

You two are so sweet and lovely! Thank you for even just popping in here and responding. Keep spreading the word in Argentina and she may just come over there! She travels the world Im tellin ya!

I will! fo' sho'  ;D


--- Quote from: Ms. Sara on August 29, 2011, 08:11:07 PM ---You two are so sweet and lovely! Thank you for even just popping in here and responding. Keep spreading the word in Argentina and she may just come over there! She travels the world Im tellin ya!

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You are so nice, Thank you for share it! :)
I really apreciate the fact that we can share this kind of things here. I will keep my attention on her and spreading her art too!

You guys! Uni needs help finishing her album and we can help! If you donate more than $15 not only is it helping getting this awesome new album out that I promise you will listen to over and over, but you also GET THE ALBUM too! There are even more donation increments that will get you other awesome stuff like her other albums, t-shirts, etc. You all know I wouldn't post something like this unless I believed in it, and I donated as well so even if you just want to buy the album, this is the best thing! The only catch is that if she doesn't receive the $5000 she needs by the target date, she gets NOTHING! That's shitty and we don't want that to happen right!? Please give her a chance and at least donate, even if it's a $1!

Visit her Kickstarter site to find out more info:


As Uni and her Ukelele, I have been traveling the globe, rockin' people's faces off with my catchy pop anthems, and inspiring people to pick up the ukulele since 2005. As an independent artist, I have made 3 completely self-funded, full-length albums, and now I need YOUR help with album number 4, "Lover's Cliche", the most magnificent work yet!

Why do I need to raise 5000 dollars?

"Lover's Cliche" is my most ambitious album to date, and up until this point, it has been recorded with the help of friends and by finding bargain basement deals with studios. All the musicians who lent their time and talents to this project really did so out of love and friendship. Although, I have been working with a tight budget, I have squeezed out my pockets and have poured heaps of money into this project so that it is a polished production. At this point in the game, in order to finish this album and get it out to the masses, put plainly, I just need money. I have NO label backing, and since I make my living as a musician, I do not have the resources to fund the completion of this recording project.

Below are the 3 final stages to completing "Lover's Cliche" and the reasons that I need to raise 5000 dollars:


Mastering is the final part of the recording process. This step balances all the levels and gives the album its general feeling of flow. Most importantly, mastering finalizes the tracks and makes them ready for pressing into CD's or any other format. It also ensures playability on multiple platforms like radio, television and digital media. My hope is to raise enough money to be able to master "Lover's Cliche" while I am in New Zealand Jan-March 2012. I would love for the mastering to have that Kiwi island touch.


Part of the money I raise will go to making the album artwork. I wanted this album to look and feel like a romance novel, so I went to L.A based artist, photographer and graphic designer, Rick Whitmore with the concept and image ideas that my friend Jamie Clark and I dug up at the San Francisco Library.

Rick has created works for The Ditty Bops, Jessica Hoop, Ian Whitcomb, Janet Klein, Tippy Canoe and many others.  He was nominated for a Grammy for his work with the Ditty Bops on their Summer Rains package. Website: He's an absolute champ for working pro bono up to this point.


Throughout my career as Uni and her Ukelele, I have taken great pride in hand-making each and every CD. For "Lover's Cliche" I want to take it to the next level by having the album and artwork printed and pressed professionally.

Your help is much needed

I want to share with U the history of all that went into creating "Lover's Cliche". Almost 3 years in the making, this is my biggest and best album yet! Most of the work has been accomplished. Please help me reach the finish line.

Here is what I've been up to the last few years:

The Making of "Lover's Cliche"

In 2007, Uni and her Ukelele ( that's me) and Producer/Arranger/Engineer and long time friend Zack Proteau started tracking songs for  a new album. Working around my crazy tour schedule, we finished pre-production and were finally ready to start recording in 2009.


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