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--- Quote from: Bubble on June 24, 2011, 03:35:08 PM ---oh wow Peter Delaney? i love the Swell Season, i need to check out this guys music.

Sara you always post good stuff, i adore you.  :-*

p.s: tell Uni to come to Argentina  8)

--- End quote ---

Awwww Bubble! I adore you as well. Im glad you like my posts. ;)

I will be seeing her in a couple of weeks and I will be sure to mention it.

Hey guys! Im not one to ask favors but it's for a friend and Uni & Her Ukelele is on the VERGE of having her new album released but needs some help funding the mastering of the new album! SO, she has a combo deal up right now on her website where you donate $10 to her fundraiser to master the album and she'll send you not one, but TWO of her albums! The first one is U Comp (which I did the album cover for so you know you want it!  :P) and the second is her Covers album and it has some really great tracks. This is seriously a great deal since she usually sells them for $10 EACH!

It would be AWESOME and SO HELPFUL for her even if ONE of you does this! Pretty please with sugar on top? I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

From her website:

Friends!!! I am reaching out for help! I am in important finishing steps of making my album “Lover’s Cliche”! Below is one way U can help me finish this album

I am having a Uni Summer Sale to raise money for Mastering my latest Album “Lover’s Cliche” I am hoping to raise 1000 donkey dollars. I created an Awesome Combo Deal that gives U more bang for your buck and in return it helps me achieve my mastering Goal. I’ve set up a FundRazer on my Paypal! U can view it by clicking here

Sale starts now! For only $10 I will send U Uni and her Ukelele ” U Comp” full of her greatest hits! Plus as a bonus U will receive Uni and her Ukelele “Covers” album! What a deal. Offer expires September 1st.

If U wish to participate but don’t want to use paypal, U can email me your order here


i hate being poor  :-\

Oh she is adorable, and sing beautiful and sweet, Thanks for sharing :)

Good idea Bubble, tell her to come here :) :)

Oh yes, Sara introduced me to her music. Uni is great, i love her voice. And i love ukes so it's a perfect combination.  8)


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