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mgmt at the riviera

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on june 18th there at the riviera. the presale i missed and tickets went on sale at 10 today but its not working. does anyone know if the shows sold out? and if you have gotten tickets for this show through ticketmaster let me know so i at least know its worked for someone.

AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh  thank you MGMT FOR PRESALE!!!!!!

Hunter Clark:
Awwh, I feel bad for the peoople that didn't get tickets. But, I hope they keep this presale thing up.

haha oh trust me. i asked my pops if the tickets were sold out and he said yup so i went straight to stubhub and got a ticket. sure it was 72 when they were origionally 30 but i didnt think twice... i wouldnt miss this for anything

Hunter Clark:
Flad you got one, see you there amoney.


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