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I've had many. But my favorites one was when I had a dream Andrew was in my class and wanted to go out with me for lunch or something after class. And I totally ditched him to go buy mango scented bath salts. I dunno either.

Abby Road:
So inbetween dreaming i was homeless and dreaming i had to take 5 7-hour long writing tests, i had the following:

1.  So i get to go to a private concert (figures, my subconscious is still jealous of DC).  So I go to the location and it turns out to be a hospital.  It's completely abandoned and kind of creepy, but then i find the room that the concert was going to be in.  It was a 10x10ft hospital room with a 5ft high stage built into the back (the surface of the stage was hospital bed mattresses).  So I go in, confused, and stand right in front.  After a while, i ask a guy nurse how many people are going to be here and he says 90.  So I go back to my spot, and right as the band was about to come on, my roommate yelled "LET'S SEIZE THE DAY!" really loud and i woke up before the concert started.

2.  Brain gave me a second chance which i also blew.  So I take my best friend to the MGMT concert that's in a auditorium near my house.  She has no idea who MGMT is, but agrees to go anyways!  So we get there and are pretty close to the front.  However, the stage is the size of a football field and has cliffs, trees, and running water on it.  Whatever.  So concert starts, we can barely see them, and they're playing weird music no one has heard before.  My friend disappears but comes back with a beer.  I immediately want one.  So i go down to this guy, ask him for a beer and he yells "SHHHHH!" at me, grabs my arm and drags me away.  He then proceeds to ask me if i'm 21, i say "duh," and then he's just like "okay!"  So we leave the auditorium and he just gives me a keystone out of a little cooler that's outside the door.  After i open it he tells me its $6 which is lame as shit, but he gave me $5 back from the $10 i gave him.  So as i'm jumping down stairs to get back to my seat i see some commotion at the bottom of the stairs and someone comes running past me singing.  I pause and look, only to see Andrew where i just was on the stairs.  He starts coming back down them towards me, i get scared, and run away.  Later, some guy's like "wanna go backstage" and the bouncer is waggling his eyebrows at me.  Suuuuure. He said he needed to get a ticket for his friend.  So we got back and there's like a city of offices down there.  We go down multiple floors below the place until he finds the office he's looking for.  I go snooping and find where the band was hanging out prior to the show.  Yada yada, the guy is missing so i went to go back up to the concert only to find everyone coming down backstage.  I asked what i missed and they said "Time to Pretend."  fuck.  I realized i've left my purse somewhere, i cant remember where the band's backstage room was, etc.  So i ask this chick and she's like "oh, they're all going downstairs.  Yeah, the band likes to watch a movie with their fans after the show.  People usually dance all night during the movie.  I think it's a spanish movie tonight."  So i went down and right as the band was going to come down to hang with everyone i wake up.

I had a dream that my best friend and I met Andrew at a party and we were really excited trying to get his attention and stuff. And then he told my friend she was really cute and asked if he could take a picture with her so I got really pissed/jealous and wouldn't talk to her anymore.

Good friend right? :P

яαιηвσω ॐ:
Nope. I wish I did have a dream with MGMT in it though.

I don't dream and it's quite sad.


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