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London, Feb 6th 2018


olympian 13601:
Set list from the gig at The Electric Brixton, London on 6th Feb 2018.

They played almost ALL of Little Dark Age so one of the tracks I couldn't identify yet, I don't think it Hand it Over, Andrew announced it as "Don't Stop Believing" but then track # 9 was announced as something else!

1- Little Dark Age
2- When You Die
3- Time To Pretend
4- She Works Out Too Much  *this is performed with Andrew on an exercise bike
5- Alien Days
6- When You're Small  *this is performed with Ben and Andrew sat on little stools using tiny instruments
7- Electric Feel
8- James
10- Congratulations
11- Me And Michael
12- Kids  *extended version

1- Ashes And Diamonds (Zaine Griff cover)
2- The Youth


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