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Author Topic: MGMT - Self-Titled/ - A PSYCHEDELIC TRILOGY - (2014)  (Read 1767 times)


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MGMT - Self-Titled/ - A PSYCHEDELIC TRILOGY - (2014)
« on: August 20, 2014, 10:50:41 AM »

Hey fellow MGMT lovers,
Just a little adventure inspired by the music of MGMT. Creative footage highlighting some qualities of MGMT's third studio album MGMT (2013) with a psychedelic twist. Modelled for fun after the concepts of Sigmund Freud The Id, the Super-Ego, & the Ego; these videos for "Astro-Mancy", "Plenty of Girls in the Sea" & "Alien Days" will take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of life. A FANTASTIC MUSHROOM ADVENTURE!!!!!!


1. Astro-Mancy - the ID
Regarding the Birth of the Id as the Birth of the Universe while peering deep within the consciousness of our being's natural instincts (equipped with cosmic laws) on a divine space-time odyssey.


2. Alien Days - the EGO
Regarding the Rebirth of the Self as Life feels the Ego. As well as psychotropic revelations through thoughtful introspection, and finally witnessing "Ego Death"

MGMT - Plenty of Girls in the Sea {MUSIC VIDEO PSYCHEDELIA}

3. Plenty of Girls in the Sea - the SUPER-EGO
Regarding the acceptance of trials in tribulations in the post-modern era. And the coming of age while thriving in a psychedelic pop-art twist on societies positive and negative traits. There's still so much beauty in the world (as we learned from plenty of girls) we just have to take the time to look.

MGMT - MGMT (Full Album)

MGMT - Self-Titled/Stylz Unlimited

Thanks for watching the trilogy! Can't wait for new music from the band  :)