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Author Topic: Spank Tunes (Synth Pop collab including myself and good friend "NoiZe")  (Read 833 times)


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Hey guys,

Myself and my friend have been fooling around with the ol' synthesizer and some loops, and are slapping together a collection of songs titled "Spank Tunes". When all you have is an iMac, synthesizer, and a broken fender mustang, you tend to use what you can. Note that none of these are 100% finished, and are intended for our own personal entertainment. We are NOT the next Radiohead, hell we aren't even the next Aqua! Although I wish we were...

These sound funny:

Take a listen and laugh! Thanks in advance guys, love you all.

- "Untitled Spank Tunes 2 2 set to be the lead single :-X"