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MGMT / Sonic Boom - Losing Touch With My Mind

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I was told that the recording of the collab between MGMT and Sonic Boom doing Losing Touch With My Mind that appears on youtube SONIC BOOM & MGMT - "Losing Touch With My Mind" - soundcheck in Dublin, Ireland also exists on video. The info says that it was done by "those folks who do filming in unusual places . I want to say 'laundromat ' for some reason ."

Doesn anyone have any info about it?


Fairytale of Hurt:
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are asking since you included the video of the performance and you are asking about a video.  Anyway, I believe there was a contest in which fans got to watch the soundcheck for their Dublin show so this is what they chose to do for soundcheck.

The video footage is supposed to exists on some kind of physical format too, ie either DVD or (unlikely) VHS.

If anyone has any info on this, please me know :)


Psychedelic Owl:
lol vhs nice... i haven't heard anything like that tho


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