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audrey palmer:
We used to have a thread on them but it got wiped, here we go again!

I actually got introduced to them kinda via the forum. I didn't really 'get' Teen Dream at first but I grew to like it. I have to say the dream pop tag always confused me a bit but now after I've been listening to Devotion a lot I get it, definitely my favourite of their albums. It just does something to my heart!

Anyway they have a new album coming out and are touring this year, I already know that a few of us are seeing them so we can talk about it here. Bloom is coming out on May 15 (although it's already leaked in poor quality)

--- Quote ---01 Myth
02 Wild
03 Lazuli
04 Other People
05 The Hours
06 Troublemaker
07 New Year
08 Wishes
09 On the Sea
10 Irene
--- End quote ---

So far I really like what I've heard, this reminds me a bit more of Devotion although maybe that's only because it's less 'big' sounding than TD.

Abby Road:
I had no idea they had a new album coming out--thanks Paige!

Glad to see a thread about one of my top fav bands! I downloaded their new album but I don't think it's that bad quality at all. I just really listened through it yesterday and very much enjoyed it, although I think Myth is my favourite. SUCH a great track. I have a habit of overplaying them. It's cool that the Weeknd samples their songs :)

audrey palmer:
You can now legally stream the album in full on NPR!

I've been playing this album like crazy! I LOVE INTO THE SEA!!!!


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