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Will definitely do so! I might even just put it on at work tomorrow when I close the store hahaha! I especially find it interesting that you say the sounds were taken from then and put into this song. Now, I'm excited about Guggenheim again! LOL

Omg. This song. It builds up to be so beautiful. I keep hitting replay!
And yes! Lyrics make up a lot for me. UGH, I'm so excited to hear more/get better quality!

Before I make my reply, I really appreciate Lisa's find-I asked her to post it on the forum.

That being said, I stopped it about 30 seconds into the start of the actual song because the distortion was making it unpleasant for me.  I don't know if the sound at this festival was crappy or we just have a couple of bad recordings.  I'm just not wanting to listen to the new stuff with all of this distortion.  Again-I'm grateful for Lisa's find and glad she posted it.

I'm going back to basketball-Go Cats!!!  I'm sorry if I seem negative-I'm not at all!  I just want to hear it perfectly  :-*

Daisy :):
everything is MGMT and nothing hurts

I listened to it all the way through. twice already, in fact.
it's so fuzzy and the bass is overwhelming....

I always test MGMT songs based on trying to pretend that it's not by them so I won't automatically like it, so I pressed play and went to studying for chemistry

by the end I had totally forgotten it was playing but I was just swaying back and forth and like dancing while writing things down omg overall the tune was just really good, what can I say? I can't wait to hear a better recording xD

Soo amazing!!! Gets better with every listen!!! Thanks for the post!
 :) :) :)
Very Metanoia/Oracular Spectacular-ish, can't wait for the studio version!! THANKS AGAIN!!


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