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The Show / London, Feb 6th 2018
« on: February 06, 2018, 07:39:20 PM »
Set list from the gig at The Electric Brixton, London on 6th Feb 2018.

They played almost ALL of Little Dark Age so one of the tracks I couldn't identify yet, I don't think it Hand it Over, Andrew announced it as "Don't Stop Believing" but then track # 9 was announced as something else!

1- Little Dark Age
2- When You Die
3- Time To Pretend
4- She Works Out Too Much  *this is performed with Andrew on an exercise bike
5- Alien Days
6- When You're Small  *this is performed with Ben and Andrew sat on little stools using tiny instruments
7- Electric Feel
8- James
10- Congratulations
11- Me And Michael
12- Kids  *extended version

1- Ashes And Diamonds (Zaine Griff cover)
2- The Youth

The Show / European tour 2018
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:01:59 PM »
Had an e-mail from a venue in Brussels telling me MGMT are playing there on Saturday 3rd Feb 2018. That's less than two months away but nothing anywhere else I can find online? Anyone have a list of dates/venues if there is a European tour early next year please?

The Show / Bruxelles, Ancienne Belgique, Spet 27th
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:28:35 AM »
First report from the European tour, so therefore first report of a live show since the current album was released.

Starting with the set list;

Main Set

Flash Delirium
Time To Pretend
The Youth
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
Alien Days
Indie Rokkers
Weekend Wars
Siberian Breaks
Electric Feel
Your Life Is A Lie
Mystery Disease
Plenty Of Girls In The Sea


The Handshake

I'm going to risk upsetting some people now but that wasn't what I was expecting, and certainly not the kind of set list that interviews given around the release of "MGMT" would have lead us to expect. Please don't misunderstand- it was a great night and played with passion and enjoyed by everyone, but the set really did feel like it was designed to appeal to the populist, casual fan who knows Oracular Spectacular and not a lot else. Clearly all the "singles" were there and not far short of the entire OS was played, leaving us with only five tracks (and less than 50% by running time) from the current album- indeed it was the sixth track before we heard anything written since 2010. Anyone looking forward to "Cool Song No 2" or "a Good Sadness"  live might be in for a disappointment, not a word we would ever normally associate with a live MGMT show.

The backdrop was amazing again, but from my first floor viewpoint level it was hard to watch the band and the backdrop simultaneously. If Andrew sounded subdued or nervous he shouldn't have been with that "safe" set-list, and the only time they didn't sound too great for me personally was during Mystery Disease, which kind of came across as a white-noise with lyrics and drums lost in the middle of it, something for the sound guys to look into as the rest of the set was spot on. Kids was done with a kind of stripped down electro feel more similar to the version on the TTP EP than the more complex affair on OS.

Last and final comment (and sorry it does sound negative, it shouldn't!) was the merch- just around 8 T-shirts and a vinyl version of MGMT, so maybe that is all that will ever be on offer as we cannot blame high sales from earlier tour dates resulting in lack of stock!!

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